Investment Consulting Services

As part of our investment consulting services, we work closely with institutional investors, family offices, investment advisors and trust banks to support every aspect of their alternative investment programs – development, evaluation and ongoing monitoring.

  • Asset Allocation – Using sophisticated modeling, we can help establish the framework for an allocation to alternative investments and evaluate how the program will interact with existing portfolio assets.
  • Portfolio Construction – We can help develop a diversified alternatives portfolio structure that includes key categories of alternative investments and is specifically designed to complement other assets held in the portfolio.
  • Manager Due Diligence and Selection – With our comprehensive data collection and ongoing manager due diligence, we keep a continuous eye on the manager universe to pinpoint the best-in-class funds within each alternative category.
  • Manager Monitoring – We maintain an ongoing dialogue with money managers to understand any organizational or investment-related changes that could cause deviations from expected performance.
  • Reporting – Clients receive comprehensive portfolio reviews, including performance and risk analyses, qualitative manager assessments and market commentary.

We believe all clients have a specific set of goals and a unique situation that influence their decision-making process. Usually, the variables they are evaluating go well beyond pure performance objectives and include factors such as specific risk tolerances, tax implications, liquidity preferences and diverse time horizons.

Recognizing the individuality of every investment program, we strive to align our consulting process and approach to each client’s specific needs.

Strategic Advisory Services

Alternative Strategy Partners focuses provides independent strategic advisory and consulting services to a select group of clients. Our work is hands-on and often cuts across multiple facets of a business, and as a result, we only work with a few clients at any one time. Our clients range from institutional asset managers and hedge funds to large investment advisory firms and family offices. The common thread among our clients is they have a desire to grow, are open to feedback and want to build world-class organizations.

The types of services we provide during our engagements typically include a combination of the following:

  • Business Strategy Consulting – Every company needs to know where they are going and how they will get there. We help define the vision and mission of the organization, establish clearly defined goals and determine the best path to reach desired outcomes.
  • Product Strategy Development – Growth often comes from the development of new products. We help clients formulate a systematic approach to idea generation, product fit, demand assessment and competitive intelligence, and help launch products that have a high probability of succeeding.
  • Sales Strategy Consulting – Generating new business is hard, time-consuming and often requires new ways of thinking. We bring fresh ideas and our network to the table to help our clients make new connections and develop successful approaches to growing their business.
  • Presentation Training – Connecting and engaging with an audience is a key to winning or retaining business. We work with client facing professionals to ensure they are prepared to represent the organization in a way that will increase their chance of success.
  • Executive Coaching – Our clients often want an independent viewpoint on their management style or feedback related to specific situations. We stand by prepared to work with clients to help them excel as business managers, coaches, mentors and individual performers.

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